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"Our daughter has been attending CALS for over a year now and her love for Jesus just grows every week! CALS has been such a great blessing to our family and has really helped with the transition period we are going through welcoming a new baby. MS. Angella and Mrs. Juhee are loving/kind teacher and truly has a gift with working with our little children. I’m always amazed at the things Harper learns and tells me such as “Mommy. Jesus is in my heart and He is in your heart too!” We just love our CALS family."

Harper (Blue Class)'s parent

"We love CALS!!!

The school is very well organized and the staff are extraordinary!

Our son is truly happy and enjoys going to school!

Roy (Blue Class)'s parent

"This was my son’s first time attending a school of any kinds at 2 years old. I was so nervous and worried for him and was prepared for at least 3 months of him crying. But thanks to the love and warmth of his teacher’s he was already adjusted and loving school by the third day! The teachers always welcome Kyle with an enthusiastic hello and a warm hug, always making me feel reassured leaving him with them. We started him off as a 2 days student then quickly switched to 3 days, and now he’s even in the afternoon class because he always wants to stay longer! He really loves everything he does at school but especially enjoys the stretch and grow program they provide. I’m so glad I decided to send my son to CALS despite the far drive and appreciate the loving environment they have created."

Kyle (Yellow Class)'s parent

Judah has been attending CALS since it opened in 2018 and absolutely loves coming to school. He especially loves the Stretch&Grow and Laugh&Learn programs that the school offers. The staff and teachers do a wonderful job teaching and loving each student. We are very thankful to have found a school like CALS! 

Judah (Blue Class)'s parent

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