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Introducing the Classes

Christian Focused Education

All of CALS's classes are age appropriately planned for spiritual development, cognitive development, physical development, social development, and emotional development. All teachers at CALS do their best to study and prepare for all children to learn the following tasks more interestingly and creatively and to grow and develop through this learning



Through music class, students can hear the various sounds coming from the instruments and songs. When listening to these sounds, students can experience the feelings that come from music and also express in their own language and movements. Through music time, students can learn the joy that comes from music and exercise their expression.

Art & Craft


Through a variety of materials, students create a wide variety of creative art work. Through their work of art, students develop creativity and expression, and learn through healthy stimulation of their five senses.

Motor Skill (Stretch & Grow)


Children grow and develop their fine and gross motor skills through a carefully thought out activity time with fun games, songs, and a variety of instruments/tools.

In addition, children can develop cooperativeness, patience and socialism through discipline that follows all orders and rules.

Outdoor Playing Time


During outdoor play, students create their own play with the objects and nature around them. Through active play students strengthen their physical development, and grow sociability as they participate in free play with their peers.

Classroom Time


Inside the classroom, students learn language and mathematics through a variety of play. Through various activities, students strengthen their cognitive, physical, and social development. Teachers help discover and grow each student's potential through carefully planned out lessons and direction.


Children experience true worship through chapel time. They learn lessons through the variety of bible stories and apply it to their lives.

Tae Kwon Do

At this age, children are developing important social skills. Tae Kwon Do helps children to develop confidence and self-esteem. They will also learn respect for others and the appropriate use of their Tae Kwon Do knowledge.

This class is offered only to Blue Class (ages 3-4).



Children learns the basic functionality of computers and at the same time develop language, mathematics, cognitive ability.

This class is offered only to Blue Class (ages 3-4).

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